Adapting revenue management strategies to retain price-sensitive customers

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At Aviation Outlook Asia 2012, Steven Greenway, Head of Commercial, Scoot, expounded on several strategies to retain price-sensitive customers including:

  • Revenue manage by exception
  • Volume driven
  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Bundled and unbundled
  • Supplement fare revenue with ancillaries
  • Connectivity
  • Innovation

Click here to download this presentation by Scoot.

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  1. William Ross

    Steven, you have to be joking mate!
    Your strategy for retaining price sensitive customer, mostly young, inexperienced and price critical flyers, seems to be to piss them, their friends & families off to the max by abandoning them when things go wrong, I.e late flights, missed connections, cancelled flights etc. etc.
    No refunds, inaccessible and unhelpful service cntr, the list goes on.
    Check your company Facebook page. You’re losing a whole generation of customers right at the start of their travel lives.
    Your zany clever marketing presents u as a “Gen Y” friend so when you do the dirty on them, they feel it deeply. They feel like there is nobody they can go to for help, not even Consumer Protection Authorities. Your current behaviour illustrates how to LOSE a customer base in one easy lesson. At every opportunity you have to save a customer & gain all their friends & families, you fail miserably, just to save a few bucks. Yes, I got burnt too & I’m not going away anytime soon.
    Feel f u mate when half ur staff are undoing the good.

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