How to free your data from your GDS

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Sourcespeed is a sponsor of World Low Cost Airlines Americas and AirXperience As airlines struggle for every last dollar of additional revenue, cost reduction, and loss-avoidance, there is one core resource needed to capitalize on these opportunities: relevant and timely data.


PNR and Ticket data is full of information that is invaluable for driving customer and operational processes, and Business Intelligence analysis. Unfortunately, Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) are not designed to allow the addition of automation, or the discover and analysis of structured data. In fact, most of your PNR data is unstructured while it resides in the GDS.


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In their whitepaper, Sourcespeed discusses the challenges of extracting value from Reservations and Ticket data, and how companies can free their data from their GDS.


Hear what Sourcespeed has to say regarding:

  • How to access data
  • How to interpret and structure the data
  • How to avoid multiple GDS transactions
  • How to enhance the data with additional data from other systems
  • How to distribute the data
  • How to re-inject data
  • How to take actions in the GDS
  • How to ensure full auditability
  • How to do it all inexpensively


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Sourcespeed is a sponsor of the World Low Cost Airlines Americas and AirXperience events, taking place April 9-10 in Coral Gables, Florida. Stop by and say hello!


  1. trevor

    Somewhat interesting to compare the legacy system process of bolting on processes to have any useable intelligent data, when compared to several standalone reservations systems. 12 years ago I already used the data i had immediate access to to determine intelligent info on the bookings, using mapping technology to see how effective any and all channels and sources of bookings were. The standalone systems offer intelligence advantages that are difficult to meet in a tradional world at a cost that does not override the value and usage of such info… When and if it becomes available in a much more useful structure only then will the movement by the LCC have any competitive responses.

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