10 ways passengers can fall out with the cabin crew

Cabin crew

Passengers can fall out with the cabin crew in a variety of different ways, we have narrowed this down to a top ten of ultimate wind ups.

If there is one group of people you don’t want to fall out with when you are 30 thousand feet in the air, it’s the cabin crew. Their job is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all those who board the aircraft, however, there is a long list of different behaviours that will make this exceptionally difficult for them.

We have narrowed this down to a list of ten. Ten begins mildly annoying, until we creep up until number one which may as well end in them saying ‘just get off my plane…now’ :

10. Getting drunk.  No one wants a passenger who is so intoxicated that they become rude, demanding and then eventually throws up.

9. A sure fire way to upset the cabin crew is to complain about the food. Remember they have prepared it, served it, and they too, are about to eat it.

8. Trying your best chat up lines. This isn’t a normal environment, they can’t just walk off to the next venue, which means everything just becomes tens times more awkward. This is a customer service role, they are not flirting, so it’s probably best you don’t either.

7. Creating any unpleasant smells within the cabin. Taking off your shoes or painting your nails for example, are a big no no.

6. Continuously pressing the call button. They heard it the first time, they do not need to hear it for the fifth, sixth or seventh.

5. Pulling, tugging, or prodding their uniform in order for them to tend to your needs, is just plain rude.

4. To call them sky waiters or sky waitresses, is to assume they just rocked up one day and got asked if they had any prior bar experience. The training programme for cabin crew is extensive, and requires fitness tests, and sit down safety exams. Do not underestimate their skill.

3. Truly believing that you are an exception to the rule, and therefore not listening to the safety rules until they have had to repeat them for the umpteenth time.

2. Keeping your headphones on whilst the cabin crew are talking demonstrates a total lack of respect. As does not wearing them, and annoying all other passengers with the loud sound of your music.

1. Finally, whilst disembarking the plane, keeping your eyes fixed to the floor despite their best efforts to wish you a good trip is only going to end with the cabin crew truly hating you.

[picture: Archives New Zealand on Flickr]

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