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10 of the biggest airlines without inflight wifi

Wifi on US flights is far more common than in Europe and the rest of the world. Where are the biggest airlines without inflight wifi?

A larger proportion of US airlines offer some form of wifi compared to other airlines. Now Morgan Stanley analysts Simon Flannery and Armintas Sinkevicius have shared data showing major international airlines with no public trials, agreements, or contracts for in-flight Wi-Fi.

The list is interesting with two Chinese airlines, two of the UK’s own low cost airlines, one airline just having been saved from being axed altogether, one is the ill fated Malaysia Airlines who are still reeling from double disaster, some are domestic airlines and the others – are they just simply behind?

Here are 10 major airlines with no inflight wifi contracts or trial agreements (no. is fleet size):

10. Air India – 101

9. Shenzen Airlines – 108

8. Malaysia Airlines – 110

7. Air Berlin – 125

6. Alitalia – 133

5. Korean Air – 148

4. easyJet – 184

3. Anadou Jet  – 233

2. Ryanair – 309

1. China Southern – 368

Surprised? Shocked? I can imagine number two is a surprise to no one.

One explanation for not a single US airline on the list (nor in the top 15) is Gogo –  the undisputed leader of in-flight Wi-Fi services for domestic airlines in the US. After ending the June quarter with 2,058 commercial aircraft online in the US, and only 19 commercial aircraft overseas, Gogo expects to have as many as 100 “rest of the world” aircraft hooked up by the end of the year.

What do you think? Will Europe and the rest of the world soon be following in the footsteps of the US? See the rest of the list on Quartz here.

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